Stitchin' for Kids - The Doll Project


Most of the patterns created for this project are for the Les Cheries doll going to the older girls. Knitters and sewers will be able to make something special for the dolls... putting smiles on the young girls' faces.  
Sometimes, if we need to stop and purchase something, we think twice and then maybe don't do it. Here, the patterns are free because we hope that you will print them and enjoy making the doll clothes for our project. Get creative with them. When you are ready, email and you will be told how to deliver the items.  Also tell Caroline that you'd like to be on the monthly newsletter. 

More patterns will be added as they become available. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!! These files are all saved in a PDF format and they contain written instructions and, when necessary, include a pattern to use when cutting fabric. If you are using free software such as Adobe Acrobat to print these files, it is important that that the sewing patterns are not reduced to fit margins on pages. Ensure that Page Scaling option is set to NONE.  To help you, some of the pattern pages have 1" rulers so that you can ensure that your patterns are in the correct scales after validating six inches.   

Left click on the picture and the PDF file instructions/patterns will appear.  Sewing patterns follow the knitting patterns.

                                                      KNITTING (Note The Sweater and The Sweater with Ruffles have been updated as of 3/17/12)


                                                                                                    SEWING - Tops and Jackets



                                                                                                    SEWING - Skirts and Pants



                                                                                                    SEWING - Dresses

                                                                       Note: also see The Nightgown and The Crop Top patterns

                                                                                                    SEWING - Nightwear

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